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We maintain an extensive inventory of janitorial equipment including vacuums, floor fans, blowers, sweepers, extractors, scrubbers and more. For more information about our available equipment call us at 800-262-7104 or email us at

Upright vacuum with onboard tools

Upright Vacuum with On-Board Tools

The CK14/1 Pro is a great combination of value and performance.  Features include: superior airflow, an enclosed bag system, standard on-board tools, and true HEPA filtration for healthier indoor air quality, telescopic wand that has 30% longer reach than the competition, ergonomic handle that allows for multiple hand positions. The CK 14/1 Pro features a 14-inch-wide cleaning path and a sound level that is less than 70db (A).  Tornado CK 14/1 Pro efficiently tackles your daily commercial cleaning tasks.

Item # 50297182

Upright vacuum with onboard tools

EZ-Vac Backpack Vacuum

The EZ-Vac Backpack vacuum provides powerful, lightweight, comfortable and quiet vacuuming. Reliable power from the 1.5 HP, 2-stage motor. The 10qt tank combined with the HEPA filter bag allows you to collect more soil with cleaner exhaust air. Weighing only 11 pounds, the lightweight and ergo-nomic design reduces fatigue, making work easier. Features an easy reach on/off switch and 50-foot power cord. Optional kit available with wand, floor tool, carpet tool & swivel head tool.

Item # 50220100

Tornado® Mini-Marathon 425 Carpet Extractor - 13"

Tornado® Mini-Marathon 425 Carpet Extractor – 13″

Made of rugged rotationally molded polyethylene tanks and frame. Built to withstand the rigors of harsh cleaning environments in both commercial and residential settings. For enhanced operator comfort the handle is fully adjustable to fit the height of the operator and provides simple one-button solution activation.

Item # 50298150

Airsweep electric blower

AirSweep Electric Blower

The low velocity electric hip blower is powerful enough to blow debris without harming movie theatre screens. A noise suppressing exhaust makes it the quietest blower in its class. Lightweight at only 7 lbs, with adjustable belt it was designed for comfort, reducing fatigue – making work easier. The vacuum comes with a 50’ cord & 1.5” Industrial Hose.

Item # 5023080

Tornado® Windshear® 3000 Blower/Dryer

Tornado® Windshear® 3000 Blower/Dryer

The Windshear™ is perfect for use after fire, flood, or other water damage as well as for drying wet floors during rainy or snowy seasons. The Windshear™ is also appropriate for general air circulation in almost any facility.

Item # 50298772

Tornado® Windshear® 3000 Blower/Dryer

Tornado® The Windshear™ Deluxe Storm Dryer

Offers high airflow volume with velocity of 3400 feet per minute. With a compact and light “briefcase-style” profile and maximum running amps of only 2.8, this unit creates the perfect Storm of drying performance, size and affordability.

Item # 50298780

Walk behind auto scrubber

Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber

A self-propelled unit designed specifically for professionals. The ICE auto scrubber has an oversized tank capacity of 15gal, 66lb to 99lb of pad pressure, and parts made of die-cast aluminum and steel. This machine is durable, efficient, and easy to transport.  Features include:  touch panel controls, Delayed vacuum motor shut off, emergency shut down system, Lithium-ion battery & 13A On-board battery charger.  Working efficiency up to 23,680 (20” machine) & 28,524 (24” machine) square feet/hour.

Item # 501206285

EZ mop 360 scrubber

EZ Mop 360 Scrubber

Ultra-maneuverable handling allowing a 360° effortless rotation. This very efficient design and 16’ scrub path cleans 5,400 square feet per hour. The 36-volt battery produces 1 hour of continuous run time. A true hybrid product between the mop and the scrubber, its extreme maneuverability eliminates unsightly dirty build up in hard to clean places. Compact but robust and reliable, guaranteed to last for many years.

Item # 501661477

Tornado® Brute Force Floor Machines

Tornado® Brute Force Floor Machines

Built for years of trouble-free operation and long-lasting performance. Equipped with a triple planetary gear system for years of trouble-free use and a 1.5 HP motor to handle the most demanding jobs. Our patented, non-conductive one piece rotationally molded body is designed to absorb the torque and vibration normally felt when operating a floor machine.

Item # 501975622

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