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Doug RothDoug Roth
10:46 16 Dec 21
Very nice employees. Everybody is smiling.
Jerry DixonJerry Dixon
22:10 01 Jun 20
Best Products and Equipment for any Job .. Small or Large
Robert PardeeRobert Pardee
18:47 30 Jul 19
Always super friendly and they deliver super fast.
Cary GobleCary Goble
13:34 05 Apr 19
They were a little late getting to work but when they did it didn't take to long to get unloaded
Amanda KappelAmanda Kappel
21:49 17 Aug 17
Great prices and the best customer service available. Everyone here is so nice and they're always helpful and extremely knowledgeable. If you need cleaning supplies, this is the best place to go.

Featured Products

Prostar Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System

The Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System provides rapid, uniform applications of fast-acting chemicals to allow for exceptional coverage in a fraction of the time. When liquids are charged electrostatically, a positive charge is added to each droplet as it propels through the sprayer. Like magnets, these droplets are attracted to surfaces – which typically carry a negative charge – and spread out uniformly along that surface. This system enables:

  • Better surface adhesion
  • Uniform coverage, even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Less chemicals required to treat the same surface area
  • Faster application time

Sunburst™ Bio Clean Neutral pH Detergent/Disinfectant Solid

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