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Maintain your facility, without all the fuss.

ProSTAR™ Industries is a unique blend of distribution and management of janitorial supplies, chemicals, and equipment designed to meet your maintenance needs and budget.

Our History

Prostar’s founder, Orlen Howell, Jr (OJ), originally started in the janitorial maintenance industry at 19 years of age and quickly grew with hard work, an eye for detail, and a love for people. His company serviced large retailers like Target, Walmart, and grocery chains, as well as manufacturing plants, gyms, banks, schools, hospitals and theaters.

Twenty-two years later, many things have changed and evolved, but Prostar’s unique understanding of the customer’s cleaning challenges, have not. Prostar is still family-owned and operated, and Prostar values their customers as though they were family.

Our experienced management team

Our management team at Prostar has years of experience in the janitorial, chemical manufacturing and distribution industries. This experience allows us to better understand the needs and challenges of our clients, creating valuable long term partnerships.

Simple solutions, clean results.

Commitment to our Customers

Listening to the needs of our customers, acting on them to find innovative and creative solutions, counted on to keep our word, to provide what we say we will provide, and hold our manufacturer partners accountable for accuracy and quality.

Commitment to our Employees

Our commitment is to support their individual strengths, providing them opportunities for growth and development, in a great work environment that promotes individual thinking in a team atmosphere, and recognizing and rewarding their contributions.

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